Part 2: PUMA La Liga 1 FIFA Quality Ball

This is the second part of an eight part series where I review the various soccer balls I have acquired over the years. In this post, I take a look at the PUMA La Liga 1 FIFA Quality Ball used in the top soccer league of Spain.

This ball was used for the 2019/2020 La Liga season.

Before I got this ball, I had never owned a PUMA made ball before. In terms of preference, PUMA usually had always been behind the likes of Adidas and Nike as their balls usually had not been used before in major professional competitions which meant I had less exposure to them. The only time which I had previously used a PUMA ball was back in 2014 at a tournament in Orlando that to my best knowledge had some sort of agreement with PUMA to use their Evopower ball.

Moving on, I decided to order two of these balls PUMA La Liga quality balls as I was craving for a new experience and getting two of them would only set me back $80 which is not too bad considering the quality being advertised. It is also important to mention that the two Adidas Nativo training balls which I had ordered a year before had been lost and fatally punctured respectively. I figured this would be a good opportunity to check out what Adidas’ biggest rivals had going on in this area.

A week after I had ordered these balls via, they were dropped off by a UPS truck and came semi-inflated. The first impressions overall were good with the surface of the ball feeling and looking right. One of the main aspects of the ball I was looking forward to trying out was whether or not my technique would appear better with this ball or not compared to previous ones. This ball stood out while shopping online as it was being used for the upcoming season in the top division of Spanish football which is known for the technical ability of its players compared to other leagues.

The same night that these balls came in, I likely attempted upwards of 100 passes trying to ping and fizz the ball using my laces with as much pace as possible over a 20-yard distance. Compared to the balls I had been using in the weeks beforehand, I would say there was around a 50% increase in accuracy when it came to these types of passes.

A few days later, I decided to go out to the local soccer complex to attempt some shots and possibly use them in a pickup game. When it came to shooting, the balls seemed to work fine. It was easy to catch them cleanly with my laces or with the inside of the foot and get considerable power on them. Compared to the Adidas balls I had been using a few months previous, it did seem harder to get them to knuckle properly from a free-kick situation although I do not consider this to be a big deal.

It took a little while longer before I was able to use one of these balls in a game, but when the time came they seemed to perform just fine. My first touch and passing did not seem to be negatively affected by these balls and it felt like I was able to execute different types of passes that I may not have been able to before which is always a nice feeling.

Unfortunately, after about three months, one of the balls was unable to retain air properly essentially rendering it unusable which is my only complaint with this ball. Overall, however, this ball seemed to work out just fine and provided an enjoyable user experience. I definitely will consider looking at buying more PUMA balls in the future which is something that was not the case previously.

My final rating of the PUMA La Liga 1 FIFA Quality Ball: 5/5 stars.

For more information about this ball click the link below:

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