Part 3: Adidas Brazuca Replica

This is the third part of an eight part series taking a look at the various soccer balls I have acquired over the years. Today, I look at a replica of the Adidas Brazuca soccer ball used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Normally, any serious soccer player looks to buy their balls online from places such as or from the actual manufacturer’s website. This allows you to compare different brands and prices easily making it easy to determine which balls are likely to provide bang for your buck. In this particular instance, I decided that I was not that serious and went to Target to pick up a new ball rather than going online. Taking about 10 minutes to look through what was on display at the store, I decided to get a $10 version of the Adidas Brazuca soccer ball.

In the picture above, you have the official match quality version of the Brazuca which has 6 thermally bonded panels among other high quality features that allowed it to be regarded as one of the best balls of modern times. The one I got was a typical 32-panel ball made of rubber which is about the lowest quality version of a soccer ball you can get before you start downgrading to things like coconuts and fruits. I never really intended for this ball to be used seriously. It was simply meant for me to kick it around the yard for a few months before it got torn up beyond use.

The first few times using it, it seemed to work mostly fine. The main issue came from trying to use the bottom of the shoe to move the ball. When doing this, the rubber exterior meant it was quite easy to “slip” on the ball and lose control of it. If you were using this ball in a game and this happened to you, nothing good could come from this happening. At best, you awkwardly manage to regain control of the ball again. The worst case scenario would see yourself possibly getting injured or the other team taking the ball off of you and scoring from the resulting transition.

Beyond this one issue, the paint on the ball started to come off in noticeable amounts within a month of getting the ball. Massive and minor “scars” also started to appear which meant the beginning of the end for this ball. In the end, I managed to get about 3 months of use out of this ball before it started to look unrecognizable and also have its performance affected massively. By the end, it was becoming incredibly difficult to execute even a simple 10-yard inside-of-the-foot pass without it going way off target. I will give the ball some credit when it comes to shooting. For the first few weeks, it was possible to hit the ball at full power and have it respond the way you wanted it to. After that of course, it was not possible. Overall, it is safe to say I got what I paid for.

Final Rating of the Adidas Brazuca Replica: 2/5 stars.

For more information about the Adidas Brazuca ball click the link below:

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