Part 5: Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

This is the fifth part of an eight part series that takes a look at the various soccer balls I have acquired over the years. In this post, I examine the recently acquired Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball.

Ball comes in Blue, Black, Green, Purple & Red.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I got this ball along with the Mikasa FT5 Goal Master Soccer Ball. The main two reasons I got this ball was that I was looking for a new experience and also wanted to get something comparable in quality at a lower price. The FT5 managed to achieve both of these objectives. Would the Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball be able to do the same?

The answer is yes. While the Serious Soccer Ball was not as high quality as the FT5 something which was reflected in the price ($15 vs. $33), it still lived up it to its name and proved to be a serious soccer ball right out of the box. In the first few days of use, I mainly focused on juggling and attempting passes with the ball. Compared to the ball I had been using in the previous few months, the increase in quality was immediate. The majority of my touches seemed secure and I was able to execute driven 20-yard passes with ease.

A few days later, I went to the to the local soccer complex to practice some shooting exercises. Like the FT5, I found it easy to generate lots of power with this ball no matter what part of the foot I used to hit it with. Compared to the FT5, this ball understandably felt a little bit softer given it was more of a training ball as opposed to a match quality ball. Unfortunately, it being a training ball instead of match quality ball means that it gets damaged easier and after a few days I noticed little tears started appearing on both of the balls I ordered.

Granted, this is not really a big deal and was expected to happen anyways although I would of preferred a few weeks at least before any damage started showing up. Overall, the Serious Soccer Ball has been good to use so far and I imagine I will be able to get six or more months use out of it before having to move on. If anyone was looking to buy this ball, I would definitely recommend that they do so.

My final rating of the Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball: 4/5 stars.

For more information about this soccer ball click the link below:

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