Part 6: DERBYSTAR 2019/20 Bundesliga Brillant Replica Soccer Ball

This is the sixth part of an eight part series that takes a look at the various soccer balls I have acquired over the years. In this post, I take a look at the Derbystar Bundesliga Replica Soccer Ball which was used this past season in the top soccer league of Germany.

Many years ago, I had used a Bundesliga match quality ball. However, back then Adidas was the supplier of balls to the league and balls such as the Brazuca and Telstar 18 were some of the official balls of the German top flight before the league reached an agreement with Derbystar ahead of the 2019/20 season. This was a big deal considering that Adidas is the biggest sportswear company in Germany with PUMA being a distant second.

For the first time in forever, neither of these companies would be supplying balls to the German Bundesliga. For myself, I was more concerned about who Derbystar was and could they be expected to provide a quality ball. This is what I decided to find out when I decided that I would purchase this ball. Most of the major leagues in Europe had the likes of Adidas, Nike, and PUMA supplying their balls. In contrast, the Bundesliga had a relatively unknown company by American standards supplying theirs.

After getting the ball in the mail, the first I noticed was that the ball consisted of an old school 32-panel pattern. This meant that the ball was more likely going to stay true to flight which turned out to be the case. The main positive trait of this ball was how straight it moves. There are no unpredictable changes of direction no matter how you hit the ball. This is nice if precision is something you value in a ball which I imagine the Germans most certainly do. I found myself being able to hit targets 40 yards away quite easily at times making me almost feel like a professional. Further, in my experience, there were no real negatives either using it.

Overall, considering that it is a match quality ball, if you have the budget then it definitely is worth purchasing especially if you want the highest amount of quality possible. It is also not as expensive as some of the Adidas and Nike balls of comparable quality on the market. It is not as cheap as the Mikasa FT5 however, although I imagine the difference in price could be explained due to branding and the Derbystar ball being used in a major European league.

Final Rating of the Derbystar Brillant Bundesliga Match Soccer Ball: 5/5 stars.

For more information about this ball click the link below:

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