Part 7: Nike Premier League Pitch Soccer Ball

This is the seventh part of an eight part series where I take a look at the various soccer balls I have acquired over the years. In this post, I take a look at the Nike Premier League Pitch Soccer Ball.

In the past, I had used plenty of Nike made soccer balls of various types which were provided by the club or school teams I played for. I would argue the best ball I have ever owned was a Nike T90 soccer ball which was unfortunately stolen at a soccer tournament. Granted, I will admit I was very naive to bring such a high quality ball to a place where there would be dozens of opportunistic kleptos waiting to pounce on any unattended items of perceived value.

Nearly a decade removed from that experience, I decided to finally purchase a Nike ball for myself. I decided to not go for a high-end ball this time around and went for something that could be categorized as average in the grand scheme of things. This average ball turned out to be the Nike Premier League Pitch Soccer Ball.

After ordering two of these from the Nike website for a total of $50, they came in the mail three days later. As expected, no attributes really stood out on first impression. This might be due to the fact that I had been typically using higher quality balls which would make it much harder this time around for anything to positively stand out. The good news was that nothing appeared to be off either.

A few minutes after taking them out of the box, I started to play with them in the backyard putting them through some juggling and passing exercises. The balls seemed to work fine for the first few days. The only issue that appeared was that they were getting torn up a little bit which is annoying when you consider the fact that I only had them for less than a week at that point. I eventually decided to take them to the soccer complex and do some shooting exercises. They performed merely okay in this and I had issues using the soles of my cleats to move the balls which is never a good sign.

Overall, the only thing I can say is that I got what I paid for. The balls were pretty badly torn up after two months of use and completely useless by the third month although I probably went harder with these balls than usual. If you are looking for a simple brand name ball to use, this one perfectly fits the description. Personally, I would recommend you save $10 and purchase the superior Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball that I talk about in a previous post.

My final rating of the Nike Premier League Pitch Soccer Ball: 3/5 stars

For more information about this ball click the link below:

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