Part 8: Adidas UEFA Champions League Final Official Match Ball

This is the last part of an eight part series that takes a look at the various soccer balls I have acquired over the years. Today, I look at the Adidas Champions League Final Official Match Ball.

Alas! We have finally gotten to the end of this series. Today, I decided to save the best for last and have us look at arguably one of the highest quality balls that one can purchase on the internet: The UEFA Champions League Final Official Match Ball.

Before, the most I had ever paid for a ball was about $60 if I remember correctly. This ball would set me back $185, three times the amount of the previous record. I decided to go to Amazon to purchase this ball, and had it shipped it to my house in under a week.

After getting it in the mail, I opened the box and checked it out. Pretty much everything about this ball contributed to its aura of it being a top tier ball. This was confirmed when I went outside to kick it around. I can say that I have never felt more in control of a ball than this one before. It was incredible how easily I was able to execute 30 yard driven passes without even trying. If I kicked it high up in the air, I had no issue bringing it back with a delicate touch.

The next day, I went to the soccer complex to do some shooting exercises and was again amazed. The ball was flying through the air with minimal contact ending up wherever you wanted it to go. I cannot recall another shooting session where I hit the upper corner of the goal so many times. Additionally, this ball also worked really well when I tried to dribble it and I seemed to always be in control of it. The only problem that I ended up having with this ball was that after six months, the seams started to peel off which basically signaled that its life was coming to an end.

Overall, if you have the money and want to be able to use the same ball that the guys in the Champions League final use, then you should go for it. However, if you do end up purchasing this ball, I would be wary of bringing it to public places and sharing it with others lest they get tempted to do something undesirable.

Final Rating of the Adidas UEFA Champions League final Official Match Ball: 5/5 stars.

For more information about this ball click the link below:

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